24 Year Old Foodpreneur, Sydney Epstein, Aims to Turn #FoodPorn Into Big Business

Sydney Epstein

Sydney Epstein, a 24 year old New York City television editor, is looking to cash in on the #FoodPorn craze while providing a mobile tool for restaurants to share in the wealth!


When it comes to finding great food, Epstein in banking on urban millennials being not much different than Pavlov’s dog. Seeing that young urban professionals are so keyed into visual stimulation and instant gratification, Epstein created an app that provides both. The FoodFaves app cues up pictures of #FoodPorn from eateries within a certain mile radius to your current location, and gets to know your food preferences through its patented algorithm. For example, after a while the app will come to know that you have an affinity for cheese omelettes and Italian pasta dishes. Once you click on a food pic that makes your eyes widen with delight, the restaurant’s name, address, phone number, miles radius from your location and a map all pop up.


According to Epstein, “Food porn on other social platforms are great to look at, but it’s kind of like the old carrot on the stick routine. If I’m in New York and I see an amazing burger or pasta dish half way across the world, how does that help me?”


The FoodFaves app also aims to reboot the concept of advertising for restaurants. “Online menus and reviews are helpful, but there’s nothing like a picture of nearby food to seal the deal!” states Epstein. “The power of images mixed with proximity is where it’s at, and restaurants can really capitalize on that trend right now with our app.”

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A recent Entreprenur.com article on the business of #FoodPorn, which mentions FoodFaves, agrees with Epstein, stating, “With FoodFaves on my phone, I can put in hashtags for the kinds of food I’m craving and scroll through images until one food pic drives me cockeyed with salivation, and I have to have it!”


A recent BusinessInsider article, recognizes that written reviews aren’t quite cutting it anymore, stating that Google Maps is now urging restaurant reviewers to upload pictures of the food they are reviewing, along with the text. “Taking a photo at a known restaurant or bar will trigger a notification from Google Maps. Accepting it allows you to upload the image of ‘your epic meal’ to the service ‘in just two taps.’”