AllRecipies Celebrates 20 Years as the Leading Global Digital Food Brand


Meredith Corporation (NYSE: MDP;, the nation’s leading media and marketing company serving 110 million unduplicated U.S. women and 70 percent of American millennial women, today announced that, the world’s largest digital food brand with more than 85 million users globally and 1.5 billion visits annually, is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Allrecipes is the leading digital resource for home cooks of all skill levels seeking trusted recipes, entertaining ideas, and meal solutions within a community where they connect and find inspiration through recipes, photos, reviews, personal collections, videos, and profiles. In tandem with its historic anniversary, the company is rolling out a research study investigating how digital technology has affected and changed the ways home cooks approach their home cooking journey.


Launched on July 28, 1997, by five University of Washington graduate students (originally as, then followed by dozens of sister sites which ultimately merged into the current site), has seen rapid growth over two decades and emerged as a digital food leader, tech innovator, and social media pioneer. Allrecipes was the first digital food brand to introduce a variety of social functions in the early 2000’s including shared recipes, reviews, ratings, profiles, photos, blogs, menus, recipe boxes and shopping lists. Allrecipes launched its first mobile site in 2000, followed by its first mobile app in 2008.  In 2013, Allrecipes Magazine was launched with an initial rate base of 500,000 subscribers; the magazine has growth to 1.3 million subscribers, and an audience of 8.2 million readers. And in 2016, Allrecipes extended its reach to include the Internet of Things (IoT) with an Allrecipes app for smart refrigerators and Allrecipes Alexa Skill for voice-guided devices.


Nearly 20 billion pages of recipes, reviews, videos and articles have been viewed on the site since its inception with a new recipe posted every two minutes. With users around the globe, cooks have visited Allrecipes from 246 unique countries and territories and saved nearly 370 million recipes to their digital recipe boxes. During its peak traffic time on Thanksgiving Eve, home cooks view 165 recipes per second and view 334 pages of recipe-related content on

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“Allrecipes is proud to have served our global community of home cooks for the past 20 years and we look forward to being a source of inspiration for discovering and sharing the joy of cooking in the years ahead,” said Stan Pavlovsky, President of Meredith Digital. “As our brand continues to evolve, we will remain proactive in our commitment to empower our community, meeting our members wherever and whenever they seek recipe resources for inspiration, and instilling them with confidence to succeed with their cooking goals no matter the size or scope.”


In celebration of Allrecipes’ 20th anniversary, the brand is introducing four super-premium editorial destinations centered on providing cooks with the freshest new ideas and inspiration: Daily DishSweet LifeBrunchworthy and EasyHealthy – all updated daily with Allrecipes’ fastest-trending, seasonally-fresh articles, recipes and videos. In addition, Allrecipes, Amazon, and Char-Broil are giving 10 users the chance to win a complete grill and accessories package – including Chef John of Food Wishes’ Epic Grilling Guide – just by using the Allrecipes Alexa Skill between July 27 and August 3. The city of Seattle has also joined in the celebration by proclaiming the 20th anniversary date of Friday, July 28th as the official “ Day.”


Knowing the power of U.S. home cooks (according to comScore they visited online food sites nine billion times in 2016, and viewed 34 billion pages of food content), Allrecipes conducted a 20th anniversary survey of nearly 1,600 digital home cooks to find out how the availability of digital cooking resources has influenced their home cooking behavior. Here are a few key findings:

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–       Internet food and recipe sites have grown to become the top recipe source for 58 percent of home cooks. When asked to choose only one cooking resource to use for the rest of their lives, one in three respondents said they would choose food and cooking websites.


–       As a result of broad access to digital recipe resources, home cooks say they are cooking more often (76 percent), are more adventurous (73 percent), and more confident (63 percent).


–       Seventy-five percent of digital home cooks trade recipes – with millennial home cooks standing out as the most frequent recipe sharers; top formats include texting (55 percent) and social channels (40 percent).


–       Digital cooking resources have streamlined the meal planning process. Today, 63 percent of home cooks report planning most meals of the same day as the meal, up 10 percent from 1999. Recipe searches on now peak from 4:00 to 5:00 pm on weeknights, a full hour later than 20 years ago. During the peak afternoon traffic period, more than 9,900 recipes are viewed each minute on


–       Accessing digital cooking resources through mobile devices has significantly shifted home cooks’ daily cooking journeys. Using their smartphones, 33 percent of digital home cooks and 42 percent of millennial home cooks have viewed recipes in the past year while shopping for groceries. Use of digital coupons and redeeming grocery offers is also significant: 34 percent of Allrecipes’ survey respondents have redeemed digital coupons and grocery offers. 50 percent of home cooks shop for groceries within 24 hours of their visit


–       When asked about videos and food photo sharing, 40 percent of home cooks overall (55 percent of millennial home cooks) have watched cooking videos, and 37 percent (50 percent of millennials) have taken photos of recipes they prepared.


Voice-guided experiences are quickly emerging as the next major shift in cooking behaviors: one in 10 home cooks have already searched for recipes using their voice. Allrecipes recently introduced its Alexa Skill for more than 60,000 recipes and 6,000 cooking technique videos for devices such as Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show, which provide home cooks with hands-free, step-by-step guidance during the entire cooking process. These voice-activated features will make it easier for home cooks to discover and execute recipes, while keeping their hands free for meal preparation.

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In addition to a variety of research available from the 20th Survey, Allrecipes also pulled the most searched for, saved, and rated recipes by the Allrecipes community during the past 20 years, which are below:


Allrecipes Most Popular Recipes                             Lifetime to Date Views

  1.         Good Old-Fashioned Pancakes                       54,228,455
  2.         Easy Meatloaf                                   41,554,649
  3. World’s Best Lasagna                                    37,567,401

4          Best Chocolate Chip Cookies                          34,444,535

5          Banana Banana Bread                                     32,616,422

6          Easy Sugar Cookies                                        26,580,719

7          Fluffy Pancakes                                              25,027,302

8          Basic Crepes                                                   24,851,298

9          Slow Cooker Beef Stew I                               22,998,209

10        The Best Rolled Sugar Cookies                      22,560,754

11        Homemade Mac and Cheese                           20,608,112

12        Best Brownies                                                 18,673,538

13        Taco Seasoning I                                             17,759,438

14        Waffles I                                                         17,342,224

15        Chicken Pot Pie IX                                         17,189,619

16        Mom’s Zucchini Bread                                    16,991,493

17        Alfredo Sauce                                                 16,694,843

18        Best Steak Marinade in Existence                   15,665,180

19        Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings            15,358,426

20        Guacamole                                                      15,328,086

Additional lists of Allrecipes’ most popular recipes by theme, including Most Brunchworthy, Most Romantic, Best Crowd Pleasers, Most Comforting, Picky Eater, Most Indulgent, OMG-Too Good To be True, Worth The Effort, Love at First Sight, Most Photogenic, Unsung Heroes, and Best Hand-Me-Downs, can be found at Allrecipes 20th Anniversary feature .