Bacon: A weekend love affair

We spent some time at Baconfest a couple weeks ago, and we’ll be the first to tell you: heaven is real, y’all.

This year’s ninth edition provided nearly 8,000 pounds of Nueske’s bacon—a staple for we bacon-crazed Chicagoans. Visits from 150 restaurants filled the UIC Forum over the course of the weekend, and Friday’s dinner set the bar high; especially when Bobby Flay stopped by.

For each of the three sessions, participating chefs competed for the Golden Rasher Award, which celebrated bacon achievement. *What a fabulous world we live in, where “bacon achievement” is not only acknowledged, but encouraged. *

The 2017 winners:

Friday Dinner – March 31
Best Front of House Winners –  Mastro’s Steakhouse and Italian Village Restaurants
Most Creative Use of Bacon Winner – Jordan’s Food of Distinction, Lobster Pork Cappuccino

Saturday Lunch – April 1
Best Front of House Winners – Kitty o’ Sheas and Troquet River North
Most Creative Use of Bacon Winner – Honey Butter Fried Chicken, Loaded Mash with fried chicken chunks and bacon buffalo sauce

Saturday Dinner – April 1
Best Front of House Winner – The Bad Apple
Most Creative Use of Bacon Winner – Three Floyds Brewpub,  Empanada with Confit Bacon & XO Sauce

Let’s not forget the $30,000 raised for the Greater Chicago Food Depository, which provided 1,000 pounds in non-perishable food donations.

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