Boutique Restaurant Dishdash Leverages Epson ColorWorks C7500GE On-Demand Color Label Printer to Expand Business

Epson America, Inc. today announced that Dishdash Middle Eastern Cuisine, a family-owned restaurant with locations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, has purchased and installed the Epson ColorWorks® C7500GE on-demand inkjet label printer to help streamline in-house label production for their baklava packaging. Dishdash purchased the inkjet label printer after acquiring Oasis Baklava, a small local family-owned and operated bakery, to rebrand their labels and meet California health rules and regulations, helping them expand their business, reduce costs and produce customized high-quality color labels in-house.

“When we bought Oasis Baklava, we knew the first step to rebranding without increasing costs was to fix our labels in-house. Since our baklava has a shelf life, we needed a label solution that would allow us to customize and print our labels quickly, while meeting the state’s rules and regulations,” said Ashwin Shenai, IT Manager, Dishdash. “We chose Epson’s ColorWorks C7500GE because it is a very accurate machine that allows us to print high-quality labels with consistent color accuracy, helping us customize our labels and reduce costs, while printing the exact number of labels we need.” 

By leveraging the ColorWorks C7500GE, Dishdash has been able to efficiently create customized, on-demand high-quality color labels with spot-on color accuracy of their brand logo printed on their baklava packaging, which is distributed to their DISH n DASH fast casual restaurants. Dishdash plans to expand their baklava labels with the addition of a back label, which will include its ingredients, nutritional facts, product information and barcode, in addition to creating custom brand labels for customers interested in purchasing their pastries for their own store, restaurant or event. Dishdash chose the ColorWorks C7500GE in large part for its speed, durability and inks, which provide consistent results in a quick turnaround time.

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“Epson’s customer service has been phenomenal,” said Shenai. “From our initial research of finding the best label printer to use in-house, to providing best practices on how to use the C7500GE, Epson’s team has been there for us every step of the way and has really gone out of their way to make the entire process of printing our own labels in-house work for us.”

Built for reliable, high-quality performance with speeds up to 59 feet per minute1, the Epson ColorWorks C7500GE is ideal for demanding, high-volume environments that require high-print-quality prime labels that are durable and cost-effective. Powered by PrecisionCore® print head technology, the durable, bench-top printer enhances print speed, image quality, ink durability, and color resolution with the flexibility to cost-effectively scale up production – saving up to 50 percent in total labeling costs versus preprinted labels – for higher volume industrial and manufacturing applications. 

Driving the ColorWorks C7500GE is the included Wasatch RIP and Print Management Software. The Wasatch SoftRIP is a sophisticated RIP solution designed to save time and money by including superior color management options, efficient layout features, powerful workflow tools, variable data printing, and contour cutting, all while producing excellent quality color. “The Wasatch software is awesome at what it does with spot color accuracy and the included print driver,” said Shenai. “Not only does it produce excellent color accuracy, but bundled with the C7500GE, it does a phenomenal job achieving individual color profiles and obtaining accuracy in CMYK prints.”

“We are pleased that the C7500GE has helped Dishdash bring label production in-house and has given them an easy solution to include their logo on their baklava labels,” said Andrew Moore, senior product manager, Epson America, Inc. “Designed to produce efficient, on-demand color label printing and reliable performance, Epson’s printers help businesses deliver high-quality labels while meeting the needs of state health regulations, allowing smaller businesses like Dishdash to have full control of their production and to cut costs.”

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