Coffee Fest Chicago Shares Expertise & Experience with Retailers, Roasters & Related Businesses

Setting the standard for coffee and tea business education, Coffee Fest Chicago opens its doors to specialty coffee retailers for its annual Central U.S. show. Coffee Fest Chicago brings its strongest lineup to date, and is poised to share expertise and experience with retailers’ novice and veteran entrepreneurs looking to build a better business. Serving up a varied menu of coffee events and knowledge at the Navy Pier from June 9-11, 2017, Coffee Fest entertains, educates, and informs coffee and tea business professionals.

Coffee Fest Chicago 2015

Coffee Fest boasts an educational program that shepherds entrepreneurs through a progression of business development steps. From serving up the best frappe, to understanding the science and artwork necessary to serve an espresso-based taste sensation to every customer, every time. Attendees coming from all over the world have their pick of classes, presentations, and forums from which to glean all they need to know to help get their business off the ground or to maximize their current business operation.

“We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for specialty coffee retailers – from the shop owner to the roaster. It is our mission to make their businesses sustainable and to soar,” states David Heilbrunn, Coffee Fest show manager. “To do that, we have crafted a well-thought-out educational program complete with useful information and tactics they can apply to everyday business operations.”

Coffee Fest organizers have parlayed their 25 years of rubbing elbows with those involved in all facets of the coffee world, to create a holistic learning experience. No element of the retail business is left alone in the show’s training session program. Budding shop owners may veer toward “Brand and Business Tune Up, Building a Brand That Resonates,” and “Coffee By the Numbers, Running the Business side of Your Business.” Seasoned retailers looking to refine their operations may choose “The Successful Coffee House Seminar,” or “Food Integration Lab”. Still, others might have their eye on the non-coffee elements of the café with “Mastering Marketing with Geo-Targeting” or Hands-on Barista Training,” “Espresso Machine Maintenance Workshops” and business primers round out a selection of more than 150 training session and special events.

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For a full list of training sessions, special events, and to register for Coffee Fest, please go to or call 425.295 3300, ext. 110, 125 or 126. Most training sessions are included for free in an attendee’s general admission.