CVS picks up Three Bears Oat Cups & Thrive Tribe Cookies

CVS Pharmacy Adds Three Bears Oatmeal Cups with Probiotics and Thrive Tribe Paleo Cookies with Prebiotics to “Go With Your Gut” Trend-Zone
Both brand lines will join the line-up of featured healthy snacks

Boulder, CO ( March 21, 2018) – 1908 Brands is pleased to announce that CVS will make Three Bears Oatmeal Cups and Thrive Tribe Paleo Cookies available in over 2000+ CVS stores across the United States in the “Go With Your Gut” trend-zone.

Last year, CVS Pharmacy deployed “trend-zones” in select stores to spotlight better-for-you snack and beverage items. The trend-zones include healthy items grouped together, and segmented by diet trend. CVS curates these sets to feature on-trend brands to make it easier for customers to find the better-for-you foods that highlight category and product innovation.

Thrive Tribe and Three Bears will be on shelf beginning in May 2018 as part of the CVS May Trend-Zone called “Go With Your Gut.”

Thrive Tribe Cookies
Thrive Tribe offers paleo and grain-free foods that are made of only whole-food ingredients. The brand puts nutrition first when it comes to product and recipe development.

Thrive Tribe Paleo Cookies come in four flavors: Chocolate Brownie, Sweet Cinnamon, Cherry Almond and Pecan Shortbread.

“Special diets like grain-free and paleo offer consumers a cleaner, more nutritious alternative to heavily processed foods. In the cookies, we replaced grains with whole food ingredients like almond flour and tapioca fiber to offer protein, fiber, healthy fats and antioxidants —nutrients that are low or absent from most grains,” says Craig Spalding, Director of Marketing at 1908 Brands.

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Three Bears Oatmeal Cups
Three Bears offers oat products that are always free of the top 8 allergens, gluten-free and non-GMO. The Three Bears Oatmeal Cups are also boosted with Ganeden® BC30 probiotics.

Three Bears Oat Cups are available in four flavors: Wild Blueberry, Apple Spice, Cranberry Vanilla, and Cinnamon Raisin.

“Three Bears oat products are proudly oat-based. Each oatmeal cup contains 7 to 8 grams of protein and 8 to 10 grams of fiber per serving,” says Director of Marketing, Craig Spalding. “These nutritional benefits paired with the live probiotics and allergen-free ingredients make for the perfect balance in breakfast nutrition.”

“We’re seeing a growing demand across multiple channels for products with healthier ingredients like prebiotic fiber and live probiotics. CVS recognizes that these food trends are what their customers are looking for and 1908 Brands is thrilled to share Thrive Tribe Paleo Cookies and Three Bears Oat Cups nationwide,” says 1908 Brands VP of Sales, Mike Schultz’s.

About 1908 Brands:
1908 Brands is a parent company based in Boulder, CO. We know the products you bring home need to do their job, well. From the snacks you give your kids to the detergent that cleans even the worst stains, everything in every room needs to work. Our purpose is to make home even better, the best it can possibly be. Not just your home, but our home — the world we all share. Our family of brands include Three Bears, Thrive Tribe, Fruitivity, Schultz’s, Pasta Jay’s and Boulder Clean.

About Thrive Tribe:
Thrive Tribe Snacks are part of the 1908 Brands family. Thrive Tribe focuses on nutrition first and makes seriously delicious treats for anyone on a paleo, grain-free, gluten-free or good-for-you diet. Products include nutrient-dense bites; sweet and savory coconut chips; paleo snack bars boosted with MegaFood supplements; and soft and chewy grain-free cookies.

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About Three Bears:
Three Bears isn’t barely anything. It’s perfectly everything. Our brand and products stand for just-rightness and no worries for all, including those with food allergies. So, whether you’re packing a lunchbox, craving a mid-day pick-me-up or planning snacks for the whole soccer team, you can count. We add flax and chia seeds to mix up the texture and rice milk to make each batch light and creamy without ever weighing you down.

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