NEW YORK CITY—The distilled beverage market is a booming industry, but it’s one that continually targets men while leaving women out as an afterthought. With Empower Cocktails, all of that is about to change. As a new disruptor that puts celebrating and empowering women at the forefront of its mission, Empower Cocktails dazzles and delights with its ready-to-pour line of delicious cocktail drinks.

The exciting new brand has launched its first cocktail-the refreshing but not too sweet, Empower Cosmopolitan Martini. The beverage contains Sweet Potato Vodka, locally-sourced from a family-owned farm in Northern California, as well as triple sec, cooling white cranberry and zesty lime. It is best-served refrigerated; all you need to enjoy it is a martini glass and your favorite garnish. The drink is 25 proof and contains only 80 calories per 3 ounces.

Empower Cocktails CEO, Tiffany Hall is a former lawyer for one of the world’s largest spirits conglomerates, Pernod Ricard. It’s there where she noticed the missing space for a brand within a “man-centric” market that celebrates and honors women, while also catering to their distinct tastes.

“I didn’t always think I’d become a cocktail entrepreneur, but in my extensive career, I’ve always wanted to create a platform to empower women and elevating women to succeed,” says Hall. “Empower Cocktails has become a way for me to continue doing that work, in a way that also encourages women to come together, pop open a bottle, and celebrate each other.”

For Hall, “empowerment” is not just the company’s brand, it’s a statement of love, action, and support for women on a global scale. As a black-woman owned business, Empower Cocktails has partnered with several non-profits that champion women’s initiatives including the Voss Foundation, Dress for Success Boston, Kicked it in Heels and the Metro-Manhattan Community Foundation to name a few. Empower Cocktails has become an intersectional platform that uplifts women of all backgrounds.

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Even Hollywood’s leading power women approve. Empower Cocktails has been served as the official cocktail in the backstage celebrity retreat at the NAACP Image Awards, with leading actresses like Taraji P. Henson and Viola Davis in attendance.Empower Cocktails are available online and in over 30 stores in Connecticut, New York,New Jersey, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.To learn more about the company and to pick up some delicious Empower Cosmopolitan Martini recipes, visit empowercocktails.com.
EDITOR’S NOTE:For more information about Empower Cocktails, or its founder, Tiffany Hall, please contact Madeline Familia at 917.328.6509 or madelinef@creativevoicespr.com

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