Fourth & Heart Introduces Three New Chocolate Ghee Spreads

Artisanal natural foods brand Fourth & Heart, celebrated for its exceptional flavored ghee, has debuted three new chocolate ghee products titled Chocti: Chocti Original Recipe, Chocti Coffee Guarana and Chocti Passionfruit. Each new item will feature Fourth & Heart’s premium grass-fed Madagascar Vanilla Bean and is a lactose-free, nut-free alternative to your favorite chocolate spread that will satisfy any sweet craving.

“At Fourth & Heart we’re always looking for ways to innovate our product line that both excite and satisfy the needs of our consumers,” says Fourth & Heart founder and CEO Raquel Tavares-Gunsagar. “Chocti not only has the consumer in mind but stays true to the company’s goal: to upgrade ancient pantry staples. Our Chocti is now to chocolate spreads what 4th & Heart ghee is to the butter alternative category. We love that we are providing a healthier and tastier chocolate spread that feels decadent but still packs a healthy punch. It’s a next-level chocolate experience that we believe our consumers will love.”

The name “Chocti,” conceived by Tavares-Gunsagar herself, comes from the Sanskrit word Shakti which represents change and empowerment. The new Fourth & Heart Chocti line reflects those roots by empowering choice and facilitating change through the creation of a healthier alternative to ordinary everyday chocolate spreads. The Chocti spreads are meticulously crafted from cacao, dates and Fourth & Heart’s Madagascar Vanilla Bean Ghee. The result is a delectable nut-free, lactose-free chocolate spread that will elevate your pantry to new heights. Offered in gourmet flavors of Passionfruit, Coffee Guarana and Original recipe, there’s bound to be a flavor to satisfy every chocolate lover’s taste.

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Fourth & Heart’s new Chocti Ghee spread in Coffee Guarana is a delicious pick-me-up infused with natural caffeine derived from Brazilian Guarana and combined with single origin, organic Brazilian cold-pressed coffee oil. The spread is an excellent substitute for a cup of coffee and works perfectly as a pre-workout gel alternative. Achieve natural energy by spreading Chocti on your toast or dipping fresh banana slices in the chocolate ghee goodness. Fourth & Heart’s Chocti Ghee spread in Coffee Guarana is offered in a 12-ounce jar and retails for $12.99.

Fourth & Heart’s new Chocti Ghee spread in Passionfruit is crafted with all the benefits that Passionfruit powder has to offer. Native to Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, Passionfruit powder is a superfood known for its calming effect and contains a selection of minerals (potassium, selenium, calcium, iron and zinc) and vitamins (A, C, B1, B2, B6 and K). Passionfruit powder also functions as an excellent substitute for melatonin. The rich chocolate spread is an ideal after-dinner treat or post-workout snack that facilitates a calming effect. The Passionfruit spread showcases splendidly on pancakes and can even be added to your smoothies for an added chocolate burst. Fourth & Heart’s Chocti Ghee spread in Passionfruit is offered in a 12-ounce jar and retails for $12.99.

Fourth & Heart’s Original Recipe Chocti ghee is a sinfully rich yet guiltless chocolate spread alternative. The nut-free, lactose-free treat is ideal for children and adults alike looking to satisfy their sweet tooth. Original recipe Chocti is a low-glycemic chocolate alternative made up of pure ingredients: dates, 70% chocolate and Fourth & Heart’s beloved Madagascar Vanilla Bean Ghee. The spread also contains iron, fiber and omega fatty acids and is perfect atop cupcakes, crepes and on strawberries. Fourth & Heart’s Chocti Ghee spread in Original Recipe is offered in a 12-ounce jar and retails for $12.99.

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