Harley Morenstein of Epic Meal Time Debuts Signature Line of Outrageous, Instagram-worthy Snacks

Los Angeles, CA (March 27, 2018)—Having successfully broken the Internet for nearly a decade with crazy, viral videos and related TV spinoffs, Harley Morenstein, a.k.a. “The Sauce Boss” and creator of renowned food influencer group Epic Meal Time, today launched his latest venture: Super Snack Time—a bold and delicious line of out-there, in-your-face foods designed to revolutionize the snack aisle. Featuring indulgent and crave-worthy foods you never knew you wanted, Super Snack Time is kicking off its first installment with ‘Pizza in a Bag’, delicious pepperoni jerky that combines jerky, a modern meat snacks obsession, with pizza, one of America’s favorite comfort foods. The bold and meaty mashup of epic proportions is available now in Walmart stores nationwide and online at Walmart.com.

Super Snack Time harnesses Harley’s unique and powerful relationship with food and loyal fans as one of the most recognized food influencers in the world to deliver the most original twist on your favorite snacks ever. For over eight years, he and Epic Meal Time have been key players in the phenomenon that is viral snacking, having secured over 20 billion impressions through video content alone. Harley inspired Super Snack Time with a similar mission—to become America’s most outrageous and Instagram-worthy food brand. Through Super Snack Time’s offerings, Harley aims to enable everyone to conveniently enjoy the epic foods and flavors he and Epic Meal Time have been cooking up in the kitchen.

“A lot of the foods we make in our videos are not meals the average viewer is able to make or even enjoy in one sitting, so Super Snack Time products are great for satisfying anyone’s snack cravings, and especially our fans who are looking to indulge in crazy foods and flavors,” said Morenstein. “As for Pizza in a Bag—this snack really is epic—it’s a tasty, game-changing combo of foods you never knew you wanted. We’re excited to launch this unique product and set the stage for more epic Super Snack Time goods to come.”

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The meaty, pizza goodness is wrapped in creative packaging shaped like a traditional slice of pizza, inviting snackers to snap and post photos of the new hot commodity. Powered by the mantra that everything is better with more meat, Pizza in a Bag (MSRP $3.98) will launch in three tender and addictive flavors:

• Pepperoni Pizza Style—Features all of the cheesy and saucy zip of classic pepperoni pizza in every thick, delicious bite
• Supreme Pizza Style—A supremely meaty take on everyone’s favorite Italian-inspired pie
• Buffalo Pizza Style—Hot, spicy, and deliciously bold, this variety is unlike anything you’ve ever had before
Morenstein says the custom-made recipes are top secret, but what gives Pizza in a Bag its insane flavor is that “every single pepperoni is individually seasoned and sliced.”
Pizza in a Bag is also keto- and Paleo-friendly, boasting five grams of protein per serving and fewer calories than actual pizza, without the guilt. All varieties excluding Supreme Style are made free of gluten.
Super Snack time is available exclusively at checkout lanes in Walmart stores nationwide, and also online at www.Walmart.com and https://supersnacktime.com/. To learn more about Super Snack Time, please visit www.supersnacktime.com, become a fan on Facebook or YouTube, or follow us on Instagram and Twitter. Also look out for us in Epic Meal Time videos.

About Super Snack Time
Based in Los Angeles, Calif., Super Snack Time is a millennial, viral snack brand featuring a bold and delicious line of out there, in-your-face foods brought to you by its founder Harley Morenstein, a.k.a. “The Sauce Boss,” and the Epic Meal Time team. The company harnesses Harley’s unique and powerful relationship with food and loyal Internet fans to launch the most original twist on your favorite snacks ever. The first innovation, Pizza in a Bag, combines all of the flavor-filled tastes of pizza—one of America’s favorite foods—with jerky, a modern meat snack obsession, to deliver thick, delicious pieces of pepperoni jerky. Like all of Harley’s creations, Pizza in a Bag is a bold and tasty meaty mashup of epic proportions. Super Snack Time is exclusively available at Walmart stores nationwide and at www.Walmart.com. For more information on Super Snack Time, visit https://supersnacktime.com/.

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