Health Benefits of Hydrogen Water: A Review of HTWO™

Hydrogen Water is an emerging trend and as someone who drinks a lot of water a day, my curiosity was peaked.


First, it works! I drank HTWO™ Hydrogen Water for a week (while drinking purified filtered and spring water throughout the day too) and felt better. I had more energy, which made everything better without a crash from caffeine since I’m not much a coffee person either. Studies have shown that hydrogen water can help protect against Parkinson’s disease, protect cells against inflammation, treat rheumatoid arthritis and improve learning and memory.

Health Benefits of Hydrogen Water

  1. Boosts Endurance
  2. Reduces Lactic Acid
  3. Reduces Fatigue
  4. Provides Antioxidants

HTWO™ comes in a 500 ml pouch for $2.99, which is perfect for anyone on-the-go and delivers a high concentration of molecular hydrogen into your body, while the pouch acts as an effective barrier to hold the hydrogen gas.

HTWO™ Hydrogen Water is an elemental formula™ of molecular hydrogen (H2) gas infused into purified water. HTWO is an elegant solution to a complex problem: how to promote energy and endurance without the addition of counterproductive sugars, caffeine, and additives. The answer is transformative, yet the way nature intended – molecular hydrogen.

As a small gaseous nutrient, molecular hydrogen can enter the interior of our cells where metabolism occurs. Created by Dr. Cody Cook, HTWO is the first hydrogen water available in the United States market and is based on countless scientific studies on the biological benefits of hydrogen gas.

HTWO recommends having at least one pouch per day and consume the hydrogen water within thirty minutes after opening for maximum benefits. Also, athletes are suggested to drink before high-performance activities.

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While you might be a little skeptical about the benefits and price, I recommend giving it a try. Now that I’ve tried HTWO, I will be a customer, because the price is worth the added energy and health benefits.

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