JJ ROYAL COFFEE Introduces a Creamy Latte Series

JJ ROYAL COFFEE has introduced one of America’s all time favorite coffee drinks in a premium single portion sachet that doesn’t require any expensive equipment to brew. Using Grade 1 Coffee, JJ ROYAL’s has crafted an exclusive specialty latte blend that is rich, creamy, and bold in flavor by just adding hot water.

“The creaminess and richness of flavors in a latte is why the drink is a classic favorite. With our ready-brew sachets, we crafted a cup of coffee that is extraordinarily rich and creamy in flavor,” says Jessica Jusuf of JJ ROYAL COFFEE.

Customers are invited to indulge in JJ ROYAL’s rich and creamy ready-brew latte that is available in a moments’ notice hot or iced; at home, in the office, and/or packed with your next adventure.

JJ ROYAL’s ready brew lattes are made with 100% natural grade 1 Arabica coffee that is roasted to a medium-dark perfection, and then microground to provide a rich and bold coffee flavor. JJ ROYAL uses a proprietary procedure that preserves the freshness of its microground coffee, and allows consumers to enjoy bold and creamy flavors with every cup.


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