Let Them Eat Candles Can Light Up Any Event

Why didn’t somebody think of this sooner? Instead of defiling a gorgeous cake with drippy wax candles, why not top it with delicious chocolate candles you cannot only light but eat?

Thanks to the clever chocolatiers at Let Them Eat Candles®, you can now top your party cakes and cupcakes with premium milk or dark chocolate candles, festively decorated with your choice of 12 colorful candy designs.

The candles will be on display at the Specialty Food Association’s (SFA) Winter Fancy Food Show, to be held in San Francisco January 21-23. Attendees will find them in the “What’s New, What’s Hot!” showcase and also at the company’s booth, Booth #6135.

Can you really light these candles? Yes. Each candle has a short paraffin-coated cotton wick that burns just long enough to sing “Happy Birthday” or cheer the guest of honor. Blow out the candle, remove the (cooled) wick and enjoy some premium chocolate.

Let Them Eat Candles Can Light Up Any Event

These edible artisan candles are the brainchild of architect/mom Loree Sandler. During one of her children’s birthday parties, she found herself fixated on the wax candles that were melting onto the cake—and decided that a candle renovation was in order.

Sandler’s chocolate candles are sold three to a box—representing the past, present, and future—and sell for $11.95 on www.LetThemEatCandles.com. They make great hostess gifts and gift toppers, too. Look for limited-edition holiday patterns, too.

Not for birthdays only, custom chocolate candles are available in quantities for corporate anniversaries, weddings and more—so throwing a memorable party is a piece of cake.


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