Little Bird Kitchen Turns the ‘Heat’ Up In Your Mouth With Candied Jalapeños

If you’ve ever had someone tell you an idea was nuts, but you did it anyway, then you’re familiar with how a mom of twins started a candied jalapeño company with her husband. Little Bird Kitchen makes candied jalapeño chocolates, powder and syrup. Everything is hot and sweet, with the heat coming at the end.

Sara Meyer, a former TV sound technician, needed to balance out taking care of the twins and a demanding job so she started a food blog and began testing recipes. After figuring out how to make husband and co-founder Corey Meyer’s favorite- chocolate covered orange peels- she began candying everything in the kitchen, including leftover jalapeños, even after Corey said, “you’re nuts.” After bringing them to work and having co-workers request to purchase them, Sara headed home and said, “I think we have a business.”

Currently headquartered in Plainview, NY, Little Bird Kitchen launched in March 2013. Candied jalapeños are front and center in each recipe. Each product is handcrafted and uses high-quality ingredients such as local, fresh jalapeños, premium Belgian chocolate and non-GMO cane sugar. All Little Bird Kitchen products are kosher certified (dairy and pareve) and never use any preservatives.

“We’ve noticed consumers are going out of their comfort zones and starting to explore new flavor profiles. One of the categories they turn to is spicy and Little Bird Kitchen is at the forefront of this trend. Whether it’s munching on our Fire Bites or utilizing the Fire Syrup as a marinade, we give users the option to control how much heat they get in their snack or meal,” said Sara and Corey Meyer, co-founders of Little Bird Kitchen. “Although we stumbled upon candied jalapeños, we stuck with it because it allows other flavor profiles to come through before the heat comes at the end.”

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Little Bird Kitchen’s candied jalapeños bring an elevation in flavor to whatever you are eating. The current product line includes:

• Fire Bites – Candied jalapeño dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate bites ($4.99)
• Fire Syrup – Candied jalapeño syrup ($9.99)
• Fire Powder – Candied jalapeño powder ($11.00)
• Hot & Sweet Nuts – Candied jalapeño peanuts ($3.99)

Little Bird Kitchen products are available online and in select retail stores.
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