Mayoral Candidate Paul Vallas to Speak At The Division Street Merchants’ Association on Wednesday February 6

The Division Street Merchants’ Hospitality Meeting welcomes Gold Coast residents, business owners and neighboring communities to see special guest speaker Mayoral Candidate Paul Vallas and discuss pending issues in the community. February’s meeting takes place at She-nannigans (16 W. Division St.) on February 6, 2019 at 3 p.m.
For the last three decades, Paul Vallas has been one of America’s leading education reformers and crisis managers. A teacher and staff member of the Illinois State Legislature, Paul was recruited in 1990 by Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley to the position of Director of the Department of Revenue where he reformed the scandal-ridden Department. When promoted to Budget Director, Paul ended the city’s recurring budget crisis while simultaneously putting an additional 1,500 police officers on the streets. He also financed one of the largest infrastructure investment programs in Chicago history.
In 1995, Mayor Daley appointed Paul to run the financially bankrupt and academically failing Chicago Public Schools (CPS).

During his CPS tenure, Paul closed a projected five-year $1.3 billion budget deficit, balanced six consecutive budgets, instituted a massive school construction plan, and established education reforms that improved test scores each year. Paul went on to run school systems across the country including those in Philadelphia, Connecticut and post-Katrina New Orleans. He spearheaded emergency efforts to rebuild school systems in Haiti and Chile following the recent devastating earthquakes. Most recently, Paul directed a team of experts to revamp adult education and occupational training in the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Division Street Merchants’ Hospitality Meetings are an important component of the community. Neighbors and business owners can come together in a comfortable setting to discuss pending issues regarding the hospitality industry with community leaders. Everything from new laws to regulations and security is on the table for discussion. Regular attendees include representatives from The Hospitality Business Association, The Illinois Restaurant Association, Alderman Brian Hopkins’ Office, Alderman Michele Smith’s Office, The North Dearborn Association, The Gold Coast Neighborhood Association, Chicago’s 18th District Police Department, and The Magnificent Mile Association.

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