Montgomery Inn Launches Barbecue Bonanza with Quality Meats and Sauces


Barbecue and grilling is at the heart of summertime fun. The Montgomery Inn is adding to the family festivities by offering the “Montgomery Inn Summertime Barbecue Bonanza,” a fresh, all-natural, high-quality barbecue package that makes grilling healthy and basically foolproof.


The Montgomery Inn Summertime Barbecue Bonanza consists of four slabs of the family-owned company’s hand-rubbed, USDA-inspected ribs, two pounds of pulled pork, two pounds of brisket baked beans, and a bottle of the original, sweet and tangy Montgomery Inn Barbecue Sauce and the newest addition to the family, the hot and spicy chipotle Barbecue Sauce to top it off.


The Barbecue Bonanza is packed fresh and then frozen and can be sent to most of the country in two days. To help celebrate summer, Montgomery Inn is offering the Barbecue Bonanza ($174.95 value) for $99.95 plus shipping (a $75 savings).


To take advantage of the Montgomery Inn Summertime Barbecue Bonanza, please visit to order online. Or, phone in your order at 1-800-USA-RIBS. Please use Promo code: summerfun and item #004BB


“Our meats undergo a 12-point inspection and our award-winning sauce uses artisan craftsmanship to bring a healthy alternative to the sauce market,” said Evan J. Andrews, Vice President of Montgomery Inn, Inc. “If you are worrying about what to feed your family, the Summertime Barbecue Bonanza is for you: all-natural, handcrafted, and delicious.”


Recently on Good Morning America, weekend co-anchor, and The View co-host Paula Faris called Montgomery Inn barbecue a must for anyone visiting Cincinnati. When the USA Today asked Facebook to list the restaurants its users most recommended in each state, Montgomery Inn was the No. 1 recommended in Ohio.

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The Montgomery Inn Summertime Barbecue Bonanza runs from August 18 to September 15, which allows you to extend the summer fun for a couple more weeks.


Let the Grill Master Have a Day Off


After the Montgomery Inn Summertime Barbecue Bonanza package is thawed, it can go from package to table in about 7 to 10 minutes. The ribs can be cooked in the oven or finished off on the grill. The pulled pork and baked beans are easy to prepare. Just follow the instructions included in the barbecue kit.


Summertime Barbecue Bonanza packages are shipped via UPS, packed frozen in dry ice. The care taken with the food and sauce ensures that consumers simply have to thaw, heat, and enjoy.


The grill master in your house will thank you for having the day off!


The Sauce – At the Heart of it All!


Montgomery Inn barbeque sauce is an artisan delight at a fraction of the cost. Through decades of craftsmanship, Montgomery Inn Barbecue Sauces are made with all-natural ingredients in small batches, featuring Matula Gregory’s famous top-secret recipe.


The #1 ingredient in Montgomery Inn Barbecue Sauce is tomato paste, made exclusively from fresh California tomatoes. Additionally, the sauces are 100 percent fat-free and contain no high fructose corn syrup.


A History of Greatness!


American icon Bob Hope loved Montgomery Inn ribs so much that he had a longstanding weekly delivery to his home in Palm Springs, California. He took to the airwaves, telling everyone in shouting distance: “Heat up the sauce to fire up the flavor!”

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Hope’s enthusiasm for Montgomery Inn ribs and sauce has been mirrored by generations of visitors and residents who flock to the restaurant locations in the Cincinnati region. What began as a modest family restaurant has grown into a favorite of American presidents, celebrities, athletes, and countless others who can order the meat and sauces online or pick them up at the local grocery.

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