Muddy Bites Is Bringing Bite-Sized Waffle Cones Filled With Chocolate To The Masses

Are you a fan of the chocolate chunk at the bottom tip of a sundae cone? Then say “Hello” to Muddy Bites. Muddy Bites is an upcoming confectionary company that is taking bite-sized waffle cones, filling them to the brim with delicious milk chocolate and packaging them into conveniently sized bags for easy consumption. For all the foodies out there who love sundae cones, this is a match made in heaven.

“After eating hundreds of sundae cones throughout my life, I noticed that a ton people loved the bottom part filled with chocolate,” says Muddy Bites founder, Nick Cavegn. “It was weird, despite the massive popularity of the tasty treat, when I looked around, there was nothing on the market for it.”

Unlike regular sundae cones, Muddy Bites do not need to be frozen, making them a great snack for any road trip or camping adventure. One taste of Muddy Bites will take your taste buds on a journey of their own. If you’re up for the adventure, Muddy Bites will be launching on Kickstarter on September 21st.

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About Muddy Bites
Muddy Bites is an innovative, high-quality confectionery company. Muddy Bites was founded and created by CEO, Nick Cavegn, after struggling to find a snack that he truly loved. Muddy Bites is on a mission to create a snacking revolution worldwide, motivated by the philosophy that snacking should be something fun, social, and exciting. Together with its community, Muddy Bites is committed to inspiring friendship and adventure through acts big and small. For more information about Muddy Bites, please visit

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