New Farm-To-Home GrassFed Meat Service

The Philadelphia, D.C., and New York areas are getting a new farm-to-home option for health and sustainability conscious carnivores.

Lil’ Ponderosa offers home delivery of locally raised grass-fed beef and pork products. Products are currently available a la carte or in special combination boxes, and a monthly subscription service will be rolled out by the end of the summer. Shop all cuts of beef and organ meat, house-made jerky, and farm heritage pasteurized pork from the neighboring farm.

The sustainable ranch based near Lancaster, PA has been providing grass-fed meat for its own award-winning farm-to-table restaurant John J. Jeffries and other meat purveyors for years. This new service offers a convenient solution for sustainable and health-minded families, heavy red-meat eating individuals following a paleo or high protein lifestyle, and all consumers looking for a locally-sourced, affordable, convenient organic meat service they can feel good about supporting.

Lil’ Ponderosa Enterprises is the creation of Grass Fed Rancher extraordinaire “Uncle” Bob Boyce along with pioneering farm to table chefs Sean Cavanaugh and Michael Carson. After supplying grass fed and finished Black Angus cattle for John J. Jeffries restaurant for several years, Bob inspired the chefs to purchase a USDA inspected abattoir, make dramatic renovations, and complete an organic certification. Now the highest quality beyond organic beef is grass fed and finished, dry aged, meticulously butchered, vacuum packed, frozen and delivered to homes throughout Pennsylvania.

To achieve the highest possible quality, the beef is raised from a “closed herd” of purebred Black Angus Cattle. They are fed a grass only diet — from birth to harvest, exceeding the requirements of the USDA grass-fed label. They graze and live in a setting free of fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, and genetically modified grains. Lil’ Ponderosa is the proud recipient of numerous stewardship awards. Learn more at

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