Pacari, Premium Organic Chocolate at the Winter Fancy Food Show with surprising flavors

Ecuador is a country with a history of cocoa production that goes back more than 300 years and now the house of the best chocolate in the world for six consecutive years.

In 2002, Santiago Peralta and his wife Carla Barbotó built a big dream, Pacari Chocolate with the aim of changing the history of chocolate in Ecuador. Pacari means “nature” in Quechua, name chosen to evoke everything that represents his chocolate: the best products of the earth, 100% natural. This firm thus guarantees the health of the land and of those who consume its products, since they are free of soy, dairy, gluten, chemical and transgenic.

Pacari, Premium Organic Chocolate at the Winter Fancy Food Show with surprising flavors

In 2008, Pacari began exporting its bars of exceptional quality and what started as a family business would soon became a business that revolutionized the industry, not only in the country but throughout the Latin American region. Pacari produces 100% organic chocolates and the only biodynamic chocolate in the world through an integral production model of origin, which is part of the “tree to bar” concept. Pacari also believes in “chocolate with imagination”, making a constant effort to generate new flavors, using a variety of ingredients such as fruits and species typical of the region that rescue the Latin American ancestral flavors to include in their chocolates.

On this occasion, the company once again it´s revolutionizing cocoa market with three new flavors: Organic Chocolate Bar 60% with Cardamom, Organic Chocolate Bar 60% with Sweet Pepper, and Organic Chocolate Bar 60% with Jasmine. “In Pacari we are constantly committed to innovation because we want to offer new ingredients and surprising flavors. We have been working for some time on the development of these three new references, in order to obtain different and quality products “, explains Santiago Peralta, founder of Pacari.

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