Primizie Snacks Announces Two New Flatbread Flavors

As flatbreads continue to gain popularity, nearly doubling in sales from 2014 to 2016, according to Nielsen, Primizie Snacks has added two new flavors to its flatbread crisps lineup. In addition, the company has refreshed its snack packaging allowing consumers to more readily identify its flatbread products.

“The growing popularity of flatbreads has them appearing in most casual and many white tablecloth restaurants creating an immediate and consistent consumer visibility and awareness,” said Primizie Snacks CEO Shawn Sweeney. “Since our launch, we’ve been a flatbread company first and foremost and now, we’ve refreshed our packaging to more clearly convey that to our consumers.”

Primizie Snacks Announces Two New Flatbread Flavors

Flatbread Crisps also avoid the oversaturation and redundancy of crackers, tortilla chips and pita chips that line grocery shelves.

“Flatbreads create a positive interruption in the space as an innovative point of differentiation from other items in the snack category,” said Sweeney.

The new packaging also clearly displays the non-GMO logo, a message that the company feels strongly about conveying to health-conscious Millennials and the like. Most of the company’s flatbread crisp options are non-GMO.
In addition to developing a stronger visual representation of Primizie Flatbread Crisps, the company has added two brand new flavors to its taste-packed line of flatbread crisps.

The new Rustic Beet flavor marries the anti-oxidant rich properties of red beets with the hearty, earthy flavor of sprouted grains.

The second new flavor to hit the market is the Green Harvest Flatbread Crisps, which incorporate a base of the already popular Ancient Grains flavor with the best and healthiest “greens” including kale, broccoli and spinach, making for a guilt-free flatbread.

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Primizie Snacks’ Flatbread Crisps offerings also include original flavors Ancient Sprouted Grains, Italian Everything, Gouda Garlic, Simply Salted, Chile Lime, and more. These products, as well as the two new flavors, are available at various locations of Safeway/Albertson’s, HEB, Tops, Winn Dixie, Sprouts, Publix, Central Market, Raley’s, Kroger and more.

Each bag of chef-crafted Primizie Flatbread Crisps uses minimal all-natural ingredients, are trans-fat and cholesterol free, and have no preservatives. Most are certified gluten-free as well as being recognized as non-GMO.
Primizie’s 2018 goals include increased distribution and the launch of additional flatbread flavors.

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