SUBWAY® Will Be at Music Festivals

The rumors are true (there were definitely rumors). Subway®, the world’s largest restaurant chain, will be serving up FREE MINI SANDWICHES, among other goodies and experiences, at five music festivals this summer. From May to August, Subway will take an interactive lounge known as “The Green Room, baked by Subway®” on a roadshow to festivals, starting today at Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, AL. For a full list of festivals on The Green Room’s summer tour, check out

The Green Room, a restaurant, performance space and lounge will bring a “backstage” experience to the front of the house for all festival-goers (because it’s a green room…get it?). Featuring live acoustic and DJ sets, meet-n-greets with artists and semi-famous internet people, a live-stream of mainstage performances, virtual games, prizes, sweet amenities like cookie-flavored lip balm (no joke) and FREE MINI SANDWICHES, festival-goers can chill out and recharge however they please. Just want to mention this again: FREE MINI SANDWICHES.

The headliners for these festivals are a big deal, including Lorde, The Weeknd, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Wiz Khalifa and Chance the Rapper. But, FREE MINI SANDWICHES from Subway® for concert go-ers is pretty cool too….it’s our way of adding to a great music festival experience.

Because let’s face it, The Green Room is about much, much more than FREE MINI SANDWICHES (and high speed Wi-Fi, and air conditioning, and exclusive performances, and phone charging stations, and personal refreshment stations…just…FYI). It’s about the journey Subway is on as a brand with our customers.

“Subway is a part of people’s lives every day, and we want to expand into new territory to exceed the expectations of younger customers,” said Karlin Linhardt, SVP of Marketing for North America at Subway (and definitely not robot). “The Green Room provides an experience festival-goers can’t get anywhere else. It’s also a chance for people to connect with Subway® in a fresh way, and reconsider how they see our brand.”

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Yes. What he said.

It’s an effort that epitomizes Subway®’s larger transformation as a brand. IDK if you noticed, but Subway® recently did a new logo and uniforms. And the whole company is going to hang at festivals and lend a hand with the whole FREE MINI SANDWICHES thing, including local franchisees and Sandwich Artists™ (yes, we really consider them to be artists).

If you want to be really unique about your FREE MINI SANDWICH, there will also be a sauce bar and fresh-baked cookies “offered sporadically,” which should not be considered a legally binding statement. Thirsty folks can chug new vitaminwater® that will be served at select festivals, which is also not legally binding. See you – and the FREE MINI SANDWICHES – there, friends