Tajín Adds a Zing to Cold Beverages with New “Rimmer” Clásico Seasoning

tajín_logoTajín, the leading seasoning brand for fruits and veggies in the United States, is launching a new rimmer packaging of Tajín Clásico Seasoning. The easy-to-use product is a response to consumers’ search for new ways to enjoy their favorite cold beverages throughout the year.

“With the new Tajín rimmer and a simple twist of the wrist, anyone can add the unique flavor of our Clásico Seasoning to a favorite juice, smoothie or cold drink,” said Aldo Fernandez, CEO Tajín International Corp. “The product’s launch in North America builds on our successful “American Table” campaign, launched last spring. This campaign and the rimmer both solidify the versatility and multiple uses of Tajín.”

The rimmer comes in a durable package that simplifies the process of adding seasoning to beverages down to three simple steps: squeeze (a lime or orange), dip and rim.  Its design allows for easy rimming with any type of glass. The wide lid provides ample space to rim mugs, high balls and margarita glasses.

The idea for the rimmer came after a survey Tajín conducted in 2015 found that 44% of those surveyed rimmed their drinks. The study also found that since 2010 rimming with flavors had increased in popularity in the United States with Tajín noted as one of the more popular seasonings.

“The Tajín Clásico Seasoning rimmer will become a valuable kitchen tool to those looking to add a delicious twist to their lemonade or pineapple smoothie,” mentioned Juan Carlos Limón, Marketing Manager at Tajín International Corp. “We are very excited to have the Tajín rimmer be one of the summer and fall hot products that families enjoy at barbecues, picnics and other gatherings

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The latest Tajín product will be available at grocery/mass stores and club retailers in the produce and wine and spirits sections next to other Tajín products throughout the nation.


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