WingFest offers up must-try winners

Recently I attended the 18th annual WingFest at UIC and couldn’t think of a better way to spend my Sunday afternoon. I realized I’ve been doing it wrong all these years; all I’ve actually needed is a Coconutz Mermaid Water and a plate of wings.

This was the first year the fest was held at the larger pavilion. “Every year, Chicago’s Best WingFest gets bigger and bigger,” says Lyn McKeaney, owner of the festival’s producer, Lodge Management Group. “We are thrilled to bring the event to the Pavilion, which can accommodate more restaurants, increasing the level of competition and the range of wing styles. It truly is the one place where wing lovers get the chance to try Chicago’s best wings.”

Since this was my first time attending, I wasn’t sure what to expect — specifically from the attendees. Cadillac Dave & The Chicago Red Hots played on stage throughout; an MC traipsed around the stage in a chicken suit that was really working for him; and I saw more innovation involving trash bags, paper towels and coveralls than an 8th grade science fair. These veteran attendees do some serious preparation.

With wings aplenty and entertainment abound, I’m looking forward to making a return next year.


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